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A Guide to Online Magazines

Online magazines, digital versions of the print counterparts, exist within most niche and publishing models imaginable, and more are now being established daily.

Whether your interest is in political activism or version trains, there's just an electronic magazine catering to both readers, writers, and businesses thinking about this subject. If you are looking for the best online magazine then visit

Kotch Magazine

There are several ways to write an online magazine. Some are published online as web pages put together in a format including a traditional magazine. Some are published as PDFs of pages set out like a conventional newspaper magazine, or even as large-high-quality pictures with an image viewer to be downloaded to your reader's computer, as opposed to browsing over the internet. 

Different models are coming forward with a focus on posting ordinary articles and columns in a format more like a website, or serialized at a series of daily, weekly, or monthly emails – this arrangement is commonly used by conventional novels to get their sites. 

Paper magazines have in increasing numbers also begun to keep articles they've run into their magazine online, and a few print exclusive Internet articles. As in traditional magazines, bringing advertisers interested in the readers of a specific magazine remains very important and lucrative. 

A tiny magazine for a niche readership like separate jewelry-making small business owners or firearms antique collecting may be especially desirable to a company or individual with an item to sell targeted for that specific sector.

Online magazines are often as exclusive or open as any web enterprise. Some are available openly to all subscribers, but some require subscriptions, pay-per-article, or pay-per-issue. Many digital magazines elect to work with both methods, acquiring some content available free, while other content is more exclusive.