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Add Beauty In Your Home With Marble Vase & Its Types

There are various types of home décor things that can add interest and style to your abode. Such as Marble Vase, helps to give a luxurious and inviting touch to your living place. However, vases have come in multiple shapes and sizes, and each shape of the vases is perfect for flower arrangement. Various shapes also determine the traditional, modern, and contemporary look of a flower bouquet.

Marble Vase

Popular Shapes Of Vase Are:

Cylinder Vases:

The cylinder vase has a cylindrical shape and is generally high. Moreover, these types of vases are suitable for flowers with strong and long stems, such as roses. It provides a modern look to your room.

Tapered down, flared, trumpet, and cone vases:

These types of vases have cone-shaped, and they are wider in diameter at the top and small in diameter at the bottom. In addition, they are suitable for almost all types of flowers with longer stems, and they are an ideal choice for a wide gathering of flowers.

Tapered up, teardrop, and oval vases:

These types of vases have medium to the small opening at the top. Besides, they are perfect for the heavier flowers on the bottom.


These types of vases are lightly flared and cylindrical in shape. Additionally, they are lower than a cylindrical vase. These types of vases are perfect for a large amount of foliage and flowers with small stems.

Bowl, ball, bubble, fishbowl, and sphere vases:

These types of vases come in ball-shaped. Moreover, they have a wide diameter opening at the top and are shallow in depth. This shape of the vase is suitable for wildflowers.

Cube, square, and block vases:

Rectangular and square-shaped vases are mostly low in height. These are perfect for the same type of flowers as tumblers, and it also gives a modern look to your place.

Bud vases:

Bud vases have come in various kinds of shapes, but they generally have a small diameter. They are used to holding only one flower and some flowers. A gerbera and orchid branch looks beautiful and stunning in a bud vase.

Belly or classic vases:

These types of vases have a big round diameter at the bottom and a narrow neck at the top. Additionally, they are an ideal choice for classic mixed flower arrangements.

Tower vases:

Tower vases are slim and very high, and wider at the bottom. This type of vase is suitable for flowers with long stems such as lilies.

Martini vases:

Martini vase consists of the shape like a large Martini glass, and they are perfect for a centerpiece. These types of flowers are perfect for short-stemmed flowers with or without filler.

Hourglass vases:

Hourglass vases are narrow in the middle and wide at the top and bottom. They are suitable for large flowers bouquets such as amaryllis containing bouquets.

Hurricane vases:

They have come in a cylinder shape and consist of heavy thick bottom or stem. The flower arrangements in this type of vase are the same as the cylinder and tumblers vases. You can also use it as a candle holder for centrepieces. Get the best deals on marble vase at

In Conclusion:

This article provides you with various types of vase for your home. You can choose any type as per your needs and preference.