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All About the Best Portable Water Filters

Water filters are used by pedestrians, by assistance organizations during humanitarian emergencies, and by the military. This filter is usually small and portable and light (1-2 pounds /.5-1.0 kg or less) and usually filters water by working a mechanical hand pump, although some use the Siphon drop system to force water through while the other bottles of water, Dirty water is pumped through a flexible silicone tube that is filtered through a special filter that ends with a container. You can check out the water purifier bottle via

These filters work to remove bacteria, protozoa and microbial cysts that can cause disease. Filters may have fine snares that must be replaced or cleaned and ceramic filters must have the outside they break down when they become clogged with dirt.

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter

This is a high-ranked clarification. It's ideal for backpacking when you want to keep your weight down and travel. It removes the Giardia Cryptosporidium and bacteria from water through its filtration system. Very easy to use and equipped with Nalgene bottles and hydration package attachments. This is an efficient and light portable filter that produces high water volume with every punch.

Mini Ceramic Micro

If you are looking for an ultra light portable water filter system, one. This is the lightest in about 8 ounces. It's only 7 inches which makes it comfortable to package.