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All About The PFAS- A forever Chemical

Health experts and doctors constantly advise us to consume more fluids for our health. But what happens if the water is contaminated with chemicals that could be toxic?

A study of groundwater across the U.S country revealed these chemicals in the drinking water of 27 states, affecting six million Americans. A lot reside located near airports, military bases, and industrial locations. If you live living in one of these regions, how worried are you? What do we know — and don't know about these unknown chemicals lurking within the waters.

In the below paragraph, we describe the PFAS meaning.


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What exactly is a PFAS? PFAS can be an abbreviation of the polyfluoroalkyl and per- compounds that are not one chemical. They are a family of chemicals made by humans that have fluorine and carbon atoms as their backbone. Many identified PFAS compounds have a variety of functional groups. They could include other elements, like hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur.

The compounds PFAS came into usage during the 1950s & 1960s and are currently utilized in a myriad of industrial processes as well as consumer products. They are regarded as useful because they are inert to heat as well as water and oil. 

People may be exposed to PFASs when cooking with non-stick cookware paper that is grease-resistant fast-food wrappers microwave popcorn bags fabric and carpets that are stain-resistant as well as water-resistant clothing cleaners, cleaning and personal hygiene products.

The issue with PFAS

PFAS chemicals don't exist in nature, and a few of them require a long time to degrade when they are in our environment. Our bodies aren't able to perform a great job in breaking them down too, which means they can accumulate in the tissues and organs of both animals and humans.