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All About Video Translation Services

As a buyer of audio and video services for translation and localization in a global marketplace, you tackle complex solutions and make decisions that affect your company’s results at multiple levels.


There are two broad categories for video translation and localization: namely, premium studio services and fast or automated services. You can also get more information about the best video translation services online via

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Before looking at the long menu of services offered by the two different approaches, it’s worth considering whether your audio or video translation project is relatively self-explanatory or highly complex. Before deciding which tool will achieve your goals, think through an evaluation checklist.


For example, you need:

  1. Marketing content 
  2. Internal training
  3. Is this production for internal use?
  4. Think about return on investment – do you need a studio with talent and a director?
  5. Strong technical content with lots of English words?
  6. Are you playing a video project? Or change the screen title?

Each, along with many additional necessities, will take you directly to world-class video services. Automated express services will not be suitable for complex production.


Premium video translation services are ideal for components such as localization of multimedia and marketing content or lip syncing and animation. Any project with multiple levels of involvement, with translators, technical support, editors, proofreaders and project managers, needs to be handled in a practical way.


When having options for speaker, director, and post-production, sound quality assurance, or other quality control measures is important, then the skills and customer service that comes with premium video work is a must.