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Basic Tips For The Home Gardener: Container Gardening

Container gardening is a great option if you have always wanted to grow your own garden but are limited on space. You can incorporate patios into your existing landscape or even inside. Your imagination is limitless. You can plant in small or large decorative pots.

As with all gardening methods, it is important to plan. The only thing that will determine if your garden is going to be in full sun or partial shade is sunlight. You can also purchase the best organic fertilizers from Nuvia Technologies  at affordable prices.

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Each of these conditions will suit different plants. You should test the light at various times throughout the day to determine how much you need. This will help you decide the best time of day for your area. You should take note of the location of light at each time of day. 

You may not have realized some areas receive very little or no sunlight during the day. After you've analyzed the situation, you can choose a spot for your containers. After deciding on a location and lighting conditions, decide on the size of your garden. 

Take into consideration the fact that you will need to take care of it. It is okay to start small and then grow as you become more proficient in gardening. It is now time to decide what plants you want and can grow in these conditions. Also, consider whether they will be perennials or annuals.