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Choosing A Cigar As A Gift

Is there a cigar enthusiast on your gift list? Or are you just wondering how to choose a nice cigar for one of your buddies or relatives? The great news is that those who don't know anything about cigars or how to choose a good cigar can study these few easy suggestions on how to sniff out (sometimes literally) a great cigar for your relative or friend. You can also visit to buy the best gift for cigar lovers.

The first tip is to visit a local tobacco shop or specialty smoke shop for the highest quality cigars and the largest selection. Avoid buying cigars from drugstores or grocery stores.

While they are cheap and convenient to buy, these cigars are usually full of preservatives and are of poorer quality than what you can find in specialty stores. 

If you have no experience with the ingredients in cigars, don't hesitate to ask the seller. Experienced and competent salespeople understand the goods and can tell you everything you need to know about cigar ingredients.

You can usually smell and touch the cigar at these points. Start by gently stabbing the cigar. If the cigar gives a little when you press it, it's a sign that you are handling a quality cigar. Cigars must be firm and free from stains, avoid buying lumpy cigars.

Be sure to look at the shell. If you notice any dehydration or discoloration of a cigar, it's best not to buy it. Ideally, the cigar sleeve should be wrapped smoothly and tightly. Check the color of the tobacco. Make sure the color is evenly distributed throughout the cigar.