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Cloud Contact Center: What is it and How Does it Work?

A cloud-based contact center helps businesses manage the customer experience via phone, email, text message, and social media. It offers advanced features beyond incoming and outgoing calls.

As companies add more support channels, cloud contact center solutions help them meet every customer demand and optimize agent productivity. For more information regarding the cloud contact center, you can visit this site –

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Choosing the best contact center software can be difficult. With that in mind, we've put together a guide covering the differences between the call center and contact center, how they work, and the essential features. Finally, we'll provide tips to help you choose the best contact center.

For decades, call center software has used telephones solely to solve customer problems. While this is still the primary method of customer engagement, additional channels are emerging to support the customer experience.

Difference between Cloud Call Center and Contact Center

The main difference between the call center and the contact center is how agents interact with customers.

The cloud-based call center handles a large number of incoming and outgoing phone calls. Agents talk to customers in real-time. Because it's in the cloud, it's scalable and employees can work in the office, remotely, or a mix of both.

The cloud-based contact center manages inquiries via phone, email, social media, text messages, and video. In addition, support staff can view customer data and past interactions. This allows customers to get support wherever they are looking for it.

The role of the contact center has evolved from sending customer service requests to stimulating customer success initiatives and providing vendors with multi-channel tools to engage their prospects.