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Custom Orthotics Relieves Pain and Fixes Foot Issues in Pickering

Your feet not only support your body and get you moving, but they also balance your weight. Failure to care for your feet can cause serious biomechanical problems with your feet, including supination, overpronation, or inverted arches. All of these can put extra stress on your legs and cause pain in other parts of the body, such as the knees or waist.

When some people experience leg pain, they see it as a comfort rather than a medical problem, and many believe that general drugstore insoles will solve the problem. But regular shoes cannot help correct foot deformities, and if you have chronic foot pain, contact an orthopedic surgeon at a reputable clinic for custom orthotics.

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Because custom foot orthotics are specifically designed for you and your unique foot, they provide support when needed and can alleviate or even relieve pain and correct abnormalities.

You should make an appointment with a podiatrist if you are experiencing:

1. Sharp or stiff pain in the tendon when you wake up in the morning

2. Pain in the back of the heel, which usually gets worse with activity

3. Severe pain the day after exercise

4. Thickening of the tendon

Custom orthotics can relieve and even reverse the situation, as lifting the heel and special shoes with a softer back can help reduce tendon pain and irritation.