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Different Types of Acrylic House Signs

A great way to brighten up your house is with house number plaques. These simple-to-install floor decors are perfect for farmhouses, cottages and other rustic housing styles. Available in a huge range of materials and finishes, these house signs can be customized according to your specifications. If classic styles just do not quite fit the bill, stock some of the most stylish house signs, perfect for almost any modern style house.

You can use this style of address plaque for any type of house number. They are made using a hand painted pictorial design that can be displayed on a solid acrylic base. Some are simply designed with an adhesive backing. Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that your new house signs will be unique. In fact, they can even be customized according to your specifications.

Some of the more common materials used in custom house numbers are brass, wrought iron and clear coat aluminum. These are often used in house sign manufacture. The reason for this is because bronze address plaques are sturdy and durable enough to withstand years of harsh outdoor weather.

What makes bronze number signs stand out from other types? Bronze has a matte finish that does not dull or tarnish like other metals. This makes it a popular choice for use on your house number plaques. In addition, bronze is also very easy to maintain. You just have to wipe it with a damp cloth once in a while to keep the sign clean. It is virtually impossible for the signs to chip, tear or fade due to exposure to the elements.

Acrylic house number signs, on the other hand, are made of a clear material. Acrylic is similar to the texture of milk glass, which means it is smooth and glossy. It has a slightly rough texture, which is perfect to make an impact with its design. Acrylics also do not yellow easily as other metals do. This is another reason acrylic house number plaques are popular options.

As you may have guessed, another common reason these two are popular choices is because of the wide variety of styles available for them. One way to get acrylic house plaques is to buy them already hand painted with a special design or logo of your choice. This is a great option if you want something that is truly a one of a kind. You can also choose plain hand painted signs, which would be great for a business or corporate house, but you need to make sure they are professionally done. If you choose acrylic signs made from acrylic paints, you can create great looking signs that are simple and traditional at the same time.

Another popular type of acrylic house number signs are those that are made from colored plates. These plates can either be made of clear or frosted types, and many people prefer clear types due to the fact that they do not cause much glare when mounted on doors. These signs have become quite popular options over the years, mostly due to the fact that they are quite durable and very easy to mount. These color plates can also be made from nearly any material, including plastic and metal. Acrylic door number signs made from acrylic plates are also popular due to the fact that they can be made to be simple or elegant. You can opt for simple black doors with beautiful text etched onto them, or you can go with a sign that has a beautiful golden glow to it.

The list of materials that house signs can be made of goes on. The choice of which one to choose is really dependent on your preferences and the nature of your business. For example, if you are going to be selling antiques, you might want to purchase antique house signs made of wood. However, if you want your business to catch the attention of passersby, you should consider purchasing slate house signs made of stone.