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Different Types of Criminal Lawyers in Virginia

A criminal lawyer provides legal representation to clients charged with a crime. There are a variety of types of criminal lawyers, each with its own specialized area of law. Some common types of criminal lawyers include white-collar defense attorneys, appellate lawyers, civil litigation lawyers, DUI attorneys, and gender offense attorneys. You can pop over here to know more about criminal lawyers.

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When someone is charged with a crime, they may have questions about what their next steps should be. A criminal lawyer can help answer these questions and provide guidance on the legal process. There are several types of criminal lawyers, each with its own specialization.

Here are four types of criminal lawyers:

Prosecutor's Lawyers Represent People Who Are Charged With Crimes. Prosecutors work for the government and are responsible for bringing charges against people who have committed a crime. They will work closely with the police to build a strong case against their client. 

Public Defenders Represent People Who Are Not Charged With a Crime but Need Legal Assistance. Public defenders represent people who have been arrested.

Defense Lawyers Represent People Who Are Accused of Crimes. defense lawyers help their clients fight charges by investigating the case, preparing a defense, and often appearing in court to advocate for their clients. 

Legal Aid Lawyers Represent People Who Cannot Afford to hire a Lawyer. legal aid lawyers represent people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer on their own behalf. They will work with the person to develop a legal strategy and provide information and resources to help them in court proceedings.