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Dry Eye Syndrome With Respect To Contacts

If your eyes have a feeling of dryness, scratching, burning, or a sensation that something is in your eyes, then you might suffer from dry eye syndrome (what is called a doctor keratitis sicca).

Basically the amount of water is reduced because of evaporation or rapid drying of tears in the eyes; it can also refer to a lack of tear quality because it consists of three components: oil, water, and mucus.

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Some of the factors that cause dry eyes include the natural aging process; side effects of the drug; dry, dusty, or windy climate (do not neglect the 'climate' in a room such as a house or an office that is affected by an air-conditioning system or dry eye heater); smoke; and winks caused by concentrating on computer screens and the like.

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There are also health conditions that can play a role: eye gland disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes.

Contact lens wearers can also fall into dry eye patterns because this is a complaint of about 50% of users.

However, the combination of treatments and types of lenses that are made to compensate for dry eyes means that one does not have to give up contact.

First, if you suspect dry eye problems, visit your ophthalmologist for a complete examination to determine the type and degree of the disorder.

From there, a maintenance plan can be made. In recent years, developments with both contact lenses and other products have brought new weapons to the front of the dry eye.