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Effects of Medical Cannabis – Good or Bad

Pot, clinically called cannabis is a medication extracted from the plant cannabis. Cannabis is largely utilized as a psychoactive medication with blending consequences as a stimulant, hallucinogenic, and depressant. 

Countless arguments, clashing opinions, and disagreements have aroused till now for the legalization of using cannabis for curative purposes. You should know about pros and cons of medical cannabis via and then decide if it is good or bad.

Let's discuss the good and bad sides of medical cannabis;

One of the negative or bad effects of medical cannabis has been regarded as psycho-physiologic signs:

• Distorted perception

• Impaired thinking and conclusion

• Delusions

• Hallucinations



But these symptoms are only observed when you consume it daily.

The good side of medical cannabis:

Medical cannabis help patients going through chemotherapy to alleviate nausea and vomiting. 

Also, it will generate decent cholesterol in your body and will help keep your heart in good functioning condition. It may diminish the chance of heart attack to some substantial extent. 

It is usually seen that a lot of people have higher cholesterol levels and have increased uric acid in their body due to the wrong choice of cooking oil. 

Cannabis can be used to treat various medical issues. What's more, it's can also be used to aid AIDS syndrome in addition to nausea during chemotherapy sessions.