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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Watch Winders

What is a Watch Winder?

Watch winders are complex devices that can be used to maintain an automatic watch's running status even when it is not being worn. There are many styles and sizes of watch winders. Some look like small jewelry boxes while others are safes.

A watch winder is not something that every watch collector or wearer needs, but there are three reasons people choose to buy them.

Oils found in the movement mechanism are constantly dispersed to prolong the watch's life expectancy.

A watch winder makes it easy to wind your watch and reset it after a few days.

Collectors of watches don't have to worry about watches that aren’t being worn.

 watch winder

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How do Watch Winders Work?

Watch winders are explained in detail by explaining how watches work. Automatic watches wind themselves by moving the weight within the watch. The watch's moving weight changes with the movement of the wearer.

This logic states that an automatic watch must be worn if it is being wound. This is a brief overview of how watch winds work.

If the watch owner isn't planning on wearing it that day, they will carefully store it in the watch winder.

After the watch winder is secured, adjust the controls according to the manufacturer's instructions. These could include rotation direction, turns per hour (TPD), length and operation. For more information about winding direction or TPD, refer to the manual of your watch. You can't find the information you need in your manual. This handy guide will help you.