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Get Your Hands On A Pair Of VOLKEL TAP SETS

VOLKEL Tap Sets have been around since the early 2000s. It has been said that no other tap set on the market can compare to the innovative set design that VOLKEL introduced. It features a self-locking mechanism and allows for the easy removal of the silencer without disrupting any other parts of the barrel. This is why it is soon becoming a favourite among various professional bartenders. Besides this, there are many other reasons why you should grab this innovative tool.

A pair of VOLKEL Tap Sets is a particular type of v-shaped tapping tool used to create threads on the workpiece. These taps are designed for high-speed running and productivity. If you are looking to get your hands on a pair of VOLKEL Hand Taps Set, then you’ve come to the right place.

VOLKEL Tap Sets are made from the highest quality German materials & craftsmanship. These superior taps will bring elegance, class and best-in-class performance to your brew.

VOLKEL Handcraft Tap Sets

Handcraft beer can be considered one of the essential elements in brewing. It is, after all, that gains you the courage to attempt home brewing bravely. But Tap Sets, while an integral part of beer homebrewing, are often misunderstood, their purpose and value misconstrued.

Tap Sets usually consist of a faucet and matching sink. These items are designed to go together, like a Lego building kit. The most popular style is the bridge faucet attached, in the shape of an arch, to the wall next to your kitchen or bathroom sink. Since both pieces have been designed and chosen together, why not get them made in the same factory by the same craftsmen? Instead of buying an expensive and high-tech faucet and then buying cheap off-the-shelf fittings to fit the sink into, choosing a tap set means everything goes together perfectly.

Tap Sets are a great DIY tool to have in your toolbox. They are used to cut threads into various materials, including plastics, wood, metal and more. Many Tap Sets also come with a tap wrench that can turn the tap.

Taps are made of high-quality steel and are hardened and tempered to increase durability. The cutting edges are designed to create threads in the material being worked on. The thread is then lubricated for protection and longevity. Taps work by cutting the material away from the main body of the thread with tiny chips that either fall out or can be blown out.

There are two basic types of taps: plug and bottoming taps. Bottoming taps create a full-length thread in a single pass, best suited for softer metals like aluminium and copper. Plug taps cut most of their way through the material before pulling back out, leaving part of the original hole intact for easy removal with a die or reamer. A plug tap is used when creating an internal thread in an existing hole such as those found on plastic or fibreglass boat hulls.

Types of VOLKEL Tap Sets   

There are several different types of Tap Sets to choose from. Each is used for a specific purpose and can be identified by the type of drive mechanism within the tap set.

1.VOLKEL Taper pipe taps

These taps have several taper points that start small at the top and get larger as you move down the tap. This allows you to feed the tap into the hole in a controlled manner. The taper points also mean less chance of the tap digging in and breaking off, especially if you are using an adjustable spanner or wrench to turn it.

2. VOLKEL Pipe taps

These are used for cutting threads in non-ferrous pipes, such as copper or plastic piping. They have no taper, so they work better if you hold them in your hand and twist them instead. This allows you to apply more pressure than possible if you were using a wrench.

3. VOLKEL Bottoming taps

Bottoming taps have extra-long sharp points on them, which allow them to cut threads all the way down into a hole that has already been partly threaded with another type of tap. The extra-long point helps prevent it from breaking when it encounters steel from previous attempts at threading.

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