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Hiking Tour To Wilsons Prom

The Prom's coastline, Prom is a treat for the senses with 130 km of stunning views, clear blue water with horseshoe bays, hidden beaches, headlands that are made out of granite, and a beachfront that is white and pristine. You can also book Wilsons Prom day tour Online via Hike & Seek.

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Its interior is also breathtaking. The interior is equally stunning, with the coastal heath, huge dunes of sand, grey granite ranges as well as thick forests full of Ferns and sprinkled with the moss-covered forests interspersed throughout trails that are suitable for all types of hikers.

The view is incredible since there's more wildlife than you can shoot an object towards. Spend several days in the zone and you'll have the chance to witness the exact amount of wildlife that you'd find in any other sanctuary for wildlife. 

The trails running to the north towards Wilsons Prom are nowhere near as well-known as the ones located at the southern part of the park, and Tidal River. But, don't forget them as there are incredible treasures to be discovered there. 

The northern portion of Prom is classified as wilderness. The hikes aren't as popular as those along Tidal River There aren't many amenities, like restrooms. Big Drift offers the most accessible and enjoyable experience of the northern portion of The Prom.