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How Are Computer Generated Images Beneficial?

When 3D computer graphics is applied to the field of special effects it is known as Computer Generated Images (CGI) and today these are being used extensively for movies and TV shows, be it a commercial or a news space and in addition to that, it has also found use in print media.

Computer graphics that run in real time are often applied to video games, but they are not referred to as CGI very often. They are also used for product rendering. 

However, there are some video games that have 'cut scenes' that are pre-rendered included in them, as well as intro movies that surely require the application of Computer Generated Imaging (CGI). Get additional details on cgi product images via

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The most widespread use of CGI is in the field of special effects, rather than visual effects because with the use of CGI, the quality that can be obtained is much higher and better than any other process and apart from that, the visual effects are much more controllable than any process that is physical in nature.

Many other processes would require the hiring of extras who would perform in the crowd scenes and apart from that sometimes the construction of miniature sets is also required and these are time consuming and also cost more money.

The advantage that has made computer generated imagery (CGI) so superior to most other processes is the fact that it allows the user to create or generate images of different types that would otherwise be impossible with any other process or technology and apart from that CGI also saves a lot of time and these factors contribute to the popularity of this technology.