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How to Get Free Riot Points

It seems that almost everyone who plays the League of Legends online video game is seeking for ways of earning free RP (Riot Point) online. Sometimes the processes of getting these points are not precisely the most practical way. To assist you in your pursuit of finding free riot points, we have compiled a list of procedures that can help you.

Difference between RP (Riot Points) and IP (Influence Points)
Many people don't understand the difference between Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (IP). Because, in many cases, they do almost the same things. But, the clear difference between both is that;
  • The influence points are collected by grinding in the game.
  • Riot Points are purchased with real money.
Free Riot Points? How to avoid been Scammed
Sometimes, some social media platforms like YouTube are being used by its handlers to give away free Riot Points, and some are real, while many are bogus.
Many fake websites feign the ability to generate free Riot Points (RP). But, if they are not false, you will still be in fierce competition with thousands of people who are eager to win these points.
They will often display and make you see some pre-recorded sequences that show you their ability to hack into the game server and get the points for free. Most young people fall for this deceptive and ridiculous trick by crooked site owners
These websites will request you to share their website on your social media so that it can attract new victims.
Simple Tricks For Getting Free Riot Points (RP)
There are websites with many offers and requirements that you need to fulfill to get these points. You will see most of these websites when you surf Google to see how to get these free Riot Points.