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How To Secure A Trampoline Onto The Ground?

Outdoor trampolines are more vulnerable to wind and other elements. You have more control over how secure and stable your trampoline is, since it will be on the ground. Preparing the ground is the first step. Place the trampoline in the desired location. Mark the measurements and position of the trampoline legs. 

Next, remove the trampoline from the desired location and hollow out any turf. Dig the trenches to the desired depth. Don't forget to angle your walls 45-60 degrees. However, leave enough space between trampoline bed & slope to allow jumpers to bounce on the edge. You can know more about in-ground trampolines via

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The trampoline should be carefully placed in the excavated pit. Be sure to remove all dirt and debris. The trampoline anchor, also known as a "tie down" kit, is used to attach the trampoline to ground. This prevents it from being blown over by strong winds. An anchor kit typically includes anchor straps and metal anchors. 

Attach the anchor straps to the trampoline by twisting the metal anchors into ground. You should read the instructions and methods for attaching your trampoline to the anchor kit. A basic trampoline course is a good idea for the whole family if they plan to use the trampoline together. 

This will allow you to all learn basic moves and the proper methods for mounting and dismounting. You'll be able to all enjoy the trampoline and stay safe.