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How to Secure Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are often the most popular entrance and exit point for burglars. They're usually not secured and can allow the theft of anything and everything out of your home when they are forced to open. Most sliding glass doors come with an integral latch.

They vary in their quality and security. Sliding doors include a key feature on one or both sides. However, this can affect the security of the lock because they usually depend on the keeper (the portion of the lock that is attached to the frame of the door) that can be fragile.

Some modern sliding doors feature internal bolts which lock the door either at the bottom or top or both. If you're using these bolts for vertical locks, then you don't really need any more security. However, if you are not using a secure lock system, you need a sliding door lock replacement.

The patio bolt can be the least expensive and most effective way to secure a sliding door. It can be installed easily, but most users would prefer to use the services of a locksmith. A carbine bolt for patio doors is the most effective lock that is available for domestic use.

Patio bolts can be installed to allow the door to be closed slightly with a 100mm gap to allow for ventilation. This is only recommended for when the home is occupied as it is not as secure as when the door is shut and locked. 

Glass sliding doors are often able to be lifted off the track at the bottom. If the door can be raised more than about 10mm, it's recommended to put blocks of plastic or wood, or a few screws on the top track in order to prevent the door from being robbed.