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Important Things You Need to Remember Before You Buy BMW Parts

If you are looking for parts and accessories to enhance your BMW, then you have likely searched the Internet. Online purchases of replacement parts and upgrades for your BMW can help you save money.

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BMW 2 Series with M Performance Parts revealed

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There are many brands and products available in the OEM and aftermarket parts industry. Many people get confused about terms like OEM and aftermarket parts. It is important to understand the terms in order to make an informed decision on which accessories or parts you buy.

BMW Car Aftermarket Parts

Major car manufacturers do not subcontract these parts. Although aftermarket parts manufacturers are not affiliated with major automakers, they can make parts that fit exactly like OEM parts because they are made from the same materials.

Genuine BMW Car Parts

Original BMW packaging has been used to package the BMW parts. Original BMW packaging or a stamp from BMW will guarantee that the parts are authentic. These parts are not made by BMW, but are subcontracted to other manufacturers. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is the company that produces the part.

OEM BMW Car Parts

The Original Equipment Manufacturer BMW Part and the Original Equipment Manufacturer BMW Part are almost identical products. However, the company has its own packaging so it doesn't need to be shipped to BMW.