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Know About Quartz Countertops

While Quartz is a natural mineral composed of oxygen and silicon, Quartz slabs aren't considered natural stone surfaces because the slab itself is not extracted from the ground as granite is.

Quartz countertops, unlike granite, are created in factories. Different quartz' sizes are combined with resin as well as other substances and then go through the process of manufacturing to make the "quartz slab" that is later pivoted into countertops. You can buy and get the installation done of Quartz surfaces through

While there are requirements for the quality of quartz used in its production, however, there is no regulatory body that enforces these standards. When you buy quartz from a Breton-certified producer, you'll always get around 93 percent quartz and 7% resin per slab.

If there is no governing body or standard for quartz, you can purchase a quartz slab through an uncertified manufacturer and you will end up with less quartz to resin, and also any other fillers the manufacturer decides to employ.

In comparison to other substances, quartz requires less need for maintenance and maintenance. Quartz is porous and therefore stain-resistant, meaning it's not necessary to apply an adhesive.

The right manufacturers will incorporate UV inhibitors in the slab well-meaning that the slab is not affected by long exposure to sunlight. Quartz is also heat, scratch, and fire-resistant. In the majority of cases, it is just water, and soap or a mild detergent is all you require to maintain its shine.