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Light Gauge Steel Frame Structures In Construction

Steel is widely used for construction materials in all kinds of buildings around the world. Steel is generally considered to be uneconomical for land-based structures, but in many regions across the planet, the use of timber, structural brickwork, as well as reinforced concrete constructions is typically preferred.Wall panel prefab provides significant time savings during the construction process.

pre panelized load bearing metal stud walls

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What exactly is Light Gauge Steel Frame?

It is a high-tech construction material that is made for making prefab structures and structures. LGSF technology allows for maximum use of space and utilizes premium galvanized steel profiles for load-bearing walls, inter-room floors, walls, as well as roofing frames.

The components of the Light Gauge Steel Frame

Wall Panels

Walls bearing loads: A load-bearing wall carries vertical loads resulting from the structure above, or lateral loads caused by winds, and these loads can act together or on their own. It is comprised of both external and internal walls.

Non-load bearing walls that are not able to allow truss loads to be supported are called non-load bearing walls.

By the climate, various materials such as gypsum board, metal insulation panels as well as reinforced concrete panels, and fiber cement sheets are utilized as wall panels in LGSF structures.

Wall Connections

Wall panels are typically connected using mechanical fasteners like self-drilling or self-tapping screws. Each frame comes with a pre-drilled hole to connect. Concrete floor slabs are the most common, the frames are held to the floor using masonry anchors like expanding shell anchors, or chemical anchors.