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Lyme Disease – Diagnosis and Treatment

A person develops Lyme disease when bacteria are transferred to the body through the bite of an infected deer tick. Lime causes symptoms such as rash (window shape), weakness, fatigue, fever, colds, body aches and swelling of the joints and brief paralysis.

What matters is that the disease-spreading fleas are too small and seed-sized. In general, this disease occurs most frequently in forested and rural areas around the world. You can also know more about hbot lyme disease.

This disease is spreading rapidly in Asia and Australia. Lyme disease has been reported to be treatable. However, if you or your doctor don't diagnose it early, it can cause health problems, such as:

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• Memory loss

• Changes in mood or sleeping habits

• Difficulty concentrating

• Cardiac arrhythmias

• Cognitive disabilities such as memory problems

• Neurological symptoms such as facial paralysis and neuropathy

• Lyme arthritis (chronic arthritis), especially of the knee.

Lyme Disease Treatment

Antibiotics are prescribed by experienced doctors to treat Lyme disease, which is also the main treatment for Lyme disease.

This is feasible and all patients recover from this type of treatment. In general, it takes a long time to show results after antibiotic treatment is finished.

However, be aware that people who recover gradually will not be able to speed up the process by taking additional antibiotics.