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Metallic Polished Plasters – The Design Of The Moment

The final effect of the wall that designers currently crave is a metallic visual enhancement. Whether it's a bold style statement or a subtle, subdued tone, whether structured or with a smooth surface, a metallic satin is needed. There are some companies that provide the best polished plaster walls services in London.

Polishing plaster is known for its highly decorative and intricate marble with a very smooth and glossy surface. This fine plaster is combined with metallic powder and mica to create a wall covering exquisite beauty and sophistication. You can intensify the effect by applying metal wax to bring the precious metal inside.

Structural plasters such as travertine or into stone ensure a dramatic and dominant wall finish when sealed with metal wax. The smooth surface of the plaster polishes the wax well and makes it soft to the touch. With stones enriched with metal and mica that shine and shine in radiant splendor.

There are many different shades of metal wax that we can use on polished plaster. Of course, there is a clear choice between gold, silver, and bronze, but copper and tin are also available. But now you can choose red, green and blue, which combine with a metallic effect to give all the colors of the rainbow a very special sheen. This new wax is also eco-friendly and is made using modern technology to minimize the impact on the environment but to maximize the decorative style.