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Orthopedics – The Basic Information

While a primary care doctor can do many things for your health, there are times when you should consult a specialist. Orthopedics is a field that can help with sports injuries, ligament and bone problems, and other related issues. 

They are well-equipped to assist patients with specific issues because of their expertise in this field.  You can ask your primary physician in Gilbert if an orthopedics doctor is necessary. For healthcare problems, you can also contact the top doctors for primary care in Gilbert AZ through

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Different types of doctors 

Some doctors in the field of orthopedics specialize further and limit their practice to a specific area of the body. These doctors can see the same problem over and over, which gives them insight as well as treatment options. They are more knowledgeable than general practitioners in orthopedics and keep up-to-date on the latest research in their field. 

Setting up an appointment 

To get a referral, your regular doctor may be required to refer you to a specialist if you have a problem such as an ankle or knee injury. To determine if this is necessary, contact your insurance company. Ask about which doctors in Gilbert are covered by your policy in your locality. 

Procedures and Recovery 

There are many solutions to problems in orthotics. Physical therapy may be necessary to help patients regain movement and use of their bodies. Sometimes it is necessary to have surgery to repair an ACL tear or to insert an orthopedic implant for a hip replacement. There are many types of recovery due to the wide variety of medical conditions. 

Calling to schedule an appointment is the best way to get better.