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Outdoor Shower Enclosures Are Perfect For Pool Owners

When you have a large yard and a swimming pool and a few kids are always around your house using the pool, one of the best things you can get is one of the newest outdoor showers.

Often, I go out digging in my yard and get dirty and I have to swing in the back door, take off my dirty shoes and socks just to run around the house, drop my fingers and play all over the place, to go to the bathroom to take a shower.

I've also noticed that my fellow kids using the outdoor shower enclosures are more likely to use the cage than just standing in the shower outdoors. I encourage all children to shower before and after swimming, and they often come with smug faces.

Outdoor Shower Enclosures Ideal For Pool Owners

I realized that when they showered and changed clothes, got old, and became more confident and shyer, they might want a little privacy.

Outdoor shower screens are super easy to install, and shower taps, if you don't already have one, are easy. You don't even need a drain to drain the water. I just made a concrete slab with a canal that drains water into the garden.

The outdoor shower ensures that the bather can shower and change clothes before using the pool without breaking into your home with wet towels and dirty shoes.

I insist that everyone shower and after swimming I don't want anyone to come home and accuse me of getting chlorine or swimmer's rash if they are good at draining chlorinated water.