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Picking The Right Size Storage Unit For Your RV In North Carolina

When it comes to choosing a storage area or unit for your car, RV, or boat, there is one simple rule: be certain that the space is large enough to accommodate your car or truck.

That sounds simple, but it can help to understand vehicle and unit sizes. In RV Storage center in North Carolina, they specialize in indoor storage components for vehicles. To know more you can search for indoor rv storage in North Carolina via

Storage Components for RVs in North Carolina

RVs come in three size classes, class A, class B, and class C. The sizes that they comprise are counterintuitive, so let us get them coated.

Class A RVs

These RVs are the longest, from 21 to 45 feet. Our storage device is 10×45, so to keep with us, ideally, your RV needs to be no more than 42 to 43 feet. Most include a master suite in the back including a complete bathroom and shower.

Class B RVs

You would think that class B RVs would be the second greatest, but they are the shortest, between 17 to 19 feet. These may fit into many standard garages. 

Class C RVs

So far as size goes, class C RVs are right in the middle, between 20 to 31 ft long. They have more room than a class B but are easier to maneuver than a class A. A little family could holiday well in a Class C RV.

In regards to storing a ship, from skiffs to fishing boats, use the same guidelines you would for a vehicle or RV. Know the width and length, and decide on a unit space that's a little wider and longer than your watercraft. 

So remember, if you will need a terrific storage device for the RV we've got you covered at RV Storage in North Carolina.