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Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor in Cardiff

When people are searching for a financial advisor in Cardiff, one of the first things they want to know is, “What is your rate of return?” Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer directly as every client is different. This makes the conversation unproductive.

To evaluate potential financial advisors in Cardiff or existing advisors, ask these questions to get a better understanding of the person you are working with and whether they're right for you.

Do you have the authority to make recommendations or decisions for me?

Financial advisors and financial planners should be able to tell you whether they are acting in a fiduciary capacity, or according to a suitability standard. It is also important to inquire about their credentials.

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How often do you meet with clients throughout the year, and how often?

Financial advisors and financial planners should meet with clients at least once per year. However, you might need more. You can ask if they meet with you once a year, twice a year, or quarterly depending on your requirements.

What other services can you offer other than investment management?

Although investment management is an important part of your portfolio you should also ask your financial planner or advisor if they offer other services such as retirement planning, cash flow analysis, tax reduction planning, and even retirement planning. Your advisor can help you to create an estate plan.

What sets you apart from other firms or their advisors?

Potential financial advisors and financial planners should be able to describe what sets them apart from other firms and how they do more for clients than others.