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Smart Lighting Controls For Commercial Buildings

Recent studies have shown that 17.5% of the world's electricity consumption is used for lighting. This is a significant figure in terms of energy savings, but only a small proportion of existing buildings use smart lighting controls to manage lighting energy consumption – simply use a timer or an on/off switch to control the lights.

Advances in wireless technology and computerized networking systems now allow smart lighting control to be used in conjunction with smart grid applications and centralized energy management systems. You can find information regarding smart lighting control via

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Smart lighting control goes beyond the standard functions of a manual on/off button and can react to actual conditions in a specific area or part of a building. The "smart" in this control system recognizes if there are people and how much artificial light is needed in this particular area and adjusts the lighting accordingly.

Such smart control can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a building's lighting system, significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce energy costs related to building lighting by up to 50 to 70 percent. With such savings, builders can get a return on investment from the initial installation costs in less than 3 years.

Smart lighting control systems can also be integrated with sophisticated hardware and software control systems to provide managers with better energy management capabilities and allow building tenants to control lighting levels right from their desktops.