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Some Better Ways To Invest Your Money

Investing your money is something everyone should do and is essential if you want to get the most out of your existing wealth. The first thing you will find when you invest your money is that you can increase your initial pot by a larger amount, which is of course very useful.

Using a self-managed super fund as a self-administered retirement plan means that you and 1-3 other people will work together to create a fund that you will invest in many other things and get benefits on SMSF excise return. As the trustee of a self-administered retirement scheme, it's up to you where to put your money and get more out of your return on investment than if you invested in a bank or a construction company.

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At the same time, using a self-managed super fund gives you healthy tax breaks – unless you succeed and you have to decide to expand your retirement fund into a hedge fund – well, you never know!

Some taxpayers manage their SMSF and all their tax returns on their own without expert assistance – and often pay later when faced with an unexpected ATO estimate of thousands of taxes to pay. SMSF tax issues can undermine the valuable benefits of super funds. 

The tax advisory team has over 35 years of experience with specialists on the team dealing with all types of tax issues. You must submit an SMSF declaration annually. Returns SMSF reports on revenues, contributions, costs, and regulatory information to the ATO – all required by law.