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Some Function Description For Laser Engraving And Laser Welding

Laser engraving machines and laser cutting machines are equipments that use a high-energy laser beam to process materials. The principle of 2d/3d subsurface laser engraving operation is as follows,

After focusing through a lens, the laser beam forms a dot with high energy density in a small area ( the radius is less than 0.003 inch, the effective length is less than 0.2inch), the material in the area will be instantly gasified because of the processing by a super energy laser beam.

It will form a destructive defect, as moving the laser beam focus continuously; resulting in cutting through the materials.

If the destructive defect is not deep enough, which doesn't cut through the material, then the continuous processing trail can meet the required image. This is laser engraving.

Through controlling the energy density around the focus, if the energy not enough to gasify the material, but it is enough to melt the material. As moving the focus, the melted area will be cooled and solidified as losing energy.

If reduce the energy density around the focus again, the processing material will be heated but not melted. As moving of the focus, the material crystal structure for the heated area changed, this realized the function of heat treatment. This is laser heat treatment.

At present, the medical diagnostic products, continued development towards miniaturization welding technology, which requires several kinds of functional devices can be integrated into the smallest space at the same time.

Another welding hair-fine flow structure is very difficult, or impossible, and now, even today's low-cost scanning electron microscope laser system can be welding this product.