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Tag: Best Luxury Homes

5 Popular Trends in Luxury Homes in Luxembourg

There is no doubt that there are many good houses on the market. But for those who want to live in the lap of luxury while also enjoying plenty of space to move, buying upscale houses is certainly a way to go. Of course, with most of these houses cost a million dollars or more, you can hope to enjoy some amazing features when you buy a luxury house. Here are the five best features and finishing commonly found in luxury homes.

# 1: Fireplace in the bathroom

Luxury homes tend to have a large bathroom featuring the same comfortable facilities found in the living room or workspace. Therefore, one of the most popular trends in luxury homes today is to put the gas fireplace next to the bathtub. You can consider our apartments and homes for your family and friends.

# 2: Outdoor Kitchen

While many homeowners find ways to expand their living room by adding an outdoor kitchen, a high-end house takes the outer kitchen to a completely new level. In luxury homes, you will find far more than just a gas grill and table. Instead, the outer kitchen tends to be much more complicated and has features of facilities such as running water, cooking areas operated with gas, and seating which is sufficient with the pool and other recreational opportunities located nearby.

# 3: custom wine warehouse

Luxury homes often feature custom wine warehouses larger than bedrooms found in many traditional houses. Of course, if you will have a complicated wine cellar in your home, you also need to have plenty of space to entertain. Therefore, luxury homes also regularly display the entertaining rooms adjacent to custom wine warehouses.

# 4: Smart Home Sensor

Smart home sensors appear in high-class homes on a more frequent basis. With the help of this sensor and a computer, you can easily make a home appear as if you are in use when you leave. Or, with only the press button, your home will automatically prepare the night by locking the door and activating the alarm system for you.

# 5: moving walls

Wall moves help utilize the farthest living room, which is very important in the urban environment where the room is in premium. With the help of movable walls, such as sliding bookshelves, you can close rooms to make guest rooms, a study, or a children’s play area if necessary. When it’s not necessary, the room can stay big and open.