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Visit Dry Eye Best Clinic In Toronto

More individuals, nevertheless, can be found complaining of a whole host of eye disorders, not knowing that a number of them are caused by dry eyes. These include blurry vision which improves with blinking, "weary eyes" or"eye strain", eye pain, light sensitivity, and also frequent tearing (a reflex due to dry eye sensation). 

To begin with, it's crucial to know which tears are necessary for good vision. Book an appointment with us today to determine if you require dry eye therapy. So what might be done in case you have dry eyes?


Get dressed by an ophthalmologist who knows dry eyes. They will do this by looking at your eyes with a microscope, even analyzing your tears with special drops along with other evaluations, and looking at the health of your own corneal surface.

Reduce or eliminate lens wear. lens wearers can utilize tears or a "re-wetting solution" to help keep the eyes moist and enhance lens wear relaxation. Never wear them immediately and wash them regularly, no matter what the lens manufacturers state.

In a small number of individuals with swelling of the tear-producing glands, eye drops such as Restasis can help produce more tears. In my view, this medication is over-prescribed in this country and few patients truly find a benefit as a result, so caveat emptor.

Dry eye is common and annoying, but could be readily treated and might improve your vision and overall eye relaxation.