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Tag: Dyslexia

How And When To Test For Dyslexia

Dyslexia can be described as the inability to switch letters within a word or see or write letters backward. Both of these indicators can be present in dyslexics, but they are not always.

Dyslexia, a neurological disability, makes it difficult to learn to read, spell or comprehend. What should you do if you suspect that your child may have dyslexia? 

It is easy. Dyslexia should be tested. Now that you are clear on what to do, how can you proceed? Many people don't know how to get their child tested for dyslexia. Check this site out to know more about dyslexia. 

You could coordinate testing with your child's school. Your school might have a standard method for testing for dyslexia. Do not lose heart if it does not. You may be referred to a testing facility by your school reading specialist.

Your child's pediatrician is another option. Although the MD may not be able to perform the testing, they might have connections or resources that can help you get the testing your child needs.

The diagnosis should not be made in a single session. Interviews with your child's teachers and parents are essential. It may include multiple written and verbal tests over several sessions with the tester.

If you are positive for dyslexia after the test is completed, you should listen to any recommendations. Don't be discouraged if school officials say they don't have the right setting or staff to provide specialized instruction. 

There are schools that can help dyslexic students. You can also do a lot to help your child. Read everything you can and then continue reading.