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Tag: garbage disposal plumbing

What is Garbage Disposal Plumbing?

Garbage disposal plumbing connects the garbage disposal to the sewer line. When something goes wrong with your garbage disposal, you may need to take it apart and clean the inside. Here are some tips for cleaning Garbage Disposal Plumbing  :

1. Unplug your garbage disposal before you start cleaning. This will prevent any unexpected noise and make the job easier.

2. Clear any objects that may be lodged in the blades or other parts of the disposal. These objects can cause damage if they are not removed properly.

3. Use a plunger to dislodge objects that have gotten stuck in the drain. Push down firmly on the plunger shaft while pulling up on the handle to clear any obstruction. Repeat this process until all objects are cleared from the drain.

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4. Pour a pot of hot water into your sink and turn on your garbage disposal. Place a scrub brush into the flow of water and begin scrubbing the blades and other parts of the disposal with vigor. Be sure to use plenty of soap and water to clean everything properly.

5. Dry off the parts of your disposal that were wetted by soap and water, then plug it back in and turn it on.

6. Turn off the garbage disposal before you begin cooking so it doesn't make a loud noise while it operates.

7. After finishing your cooking, leave everything in the sink and turn off your disposal for about five minutes. This will allow any remaining food remnants to be pushed down the drain, which will keep any odors from entering your home.