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A Brief Look At The Heart And Lung Scan in Tulsa

Millions of people are affected by heart and lung diseases each year, and the sooner you can detect them, the better your chances of successful treatment. If you're having any type of chest pain or shortness of breath, contact your doctor immediately for a physical examination and chest x-ray.

A heart and lung scan is a type of imaging test that uses X-rays to capture detailed images of your heart and lungs. This test can help your doctor determine the severity of your heart disease and whether you may need surgery or other treatments. You can get the heart and lung scan in Tulsa from Craft Body Scan medical clinic.

The heart and lung scan process typically begin with a physical examination by your doctor. After taking the necessary medical history and measuring your body size, the doctor will ask you to remove any clothes that will be exposed during the scan. You will then be placed on a flat surface on which the X-ray machine will be positioned.

Your doctor will then review the results of the preliminary x-ray scan and make any adjustments to the scan if necessary. The final scan will usually take about an hour to complete.

Benefits of a Heart and Lung Scan:

A heart and lung scan can provide many benefits to a patient, including detecting diseases and conditions that may be causing symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain. By identifying these issues early, patients can begin treatment and improve their chances of a successful outcome.