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Mediation and Conflict Resolution Considerations

When you place two or more people in the same room, conflict arises. The reason is that everyone has a unique way of seeing and processing things. When aware of disagreement, intolerance of opposing attitudes can cause people to withdraw or become worse off. 

When people argue, it takes a neutral side to help both of them or more to a friendly solution. A person who provides conflict resolution mediation is known as a mediator. They can be in the form of a boss who mediates between conflicted subordinates or someone from a completely different environment and seeing problems in a new way. 

6 Steps to Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

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1. Mediation Will Cost You, Calculate the Cost – There is definitely an investment in the mediation process that you need to be aware of in advance. Your own resources are spent in the process. Your time and space will be occupied by the need to get things done. 

If you are not ready to invest, give up the opportunity. Mediation takes time and patience – some conflicts can take years to resolve. Conflict has existed in the Middle East for decades. If you want to be successful in teaching, you must recognize that a virtue known as patience is necessary.

2. Emotional stamina and mental balance are important – Can you convey without prejudice to the site where you are emotionally attached? The mediator must be neutral, meaning that there are no parties, but rather look at the problem objectively. 

You may need to express your interest prior to mediation or find a more suitable candidate. You can't lead a fight between your employee and your wife because you were prepared from the start, even if you want people to not believe it.