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Read About A Brief Introduction To CNC Machining In Australia

CNC is often seen as the final step in various engineering processes such as metal fabrication, or it can be included in the process from within.

Unlike other metalworking techniques, CNC machining can adhere to high tolerance limits and result in precise and accurate elements that are used on the machine over and over again. You can also hire professionals for cnc machining via

In order to know the history and origin of CNC machining, the whole process is broken down into the following three parts:

  • Machining – This is the process of removing metals with the help of mechanical devices that have been used for centuries. The machining process includes drilling, forming, broaching, milling, turning, and grinding.
  • The next term, NC, means numerical control, which is a traditional machine or human operator that can be used to control the movement of machine tools. Digital controls were first developed in 1940 and help control machine movements automatically using instructions.
  • Finally, C is added to the last. It is a digital computer control that shows the process by which the operator can write, organize, and implement various instructions via the computer console.

History Of CNC Machining

In the late 1940s, John Parsons of Parsons Corp. based in Traverse City developed a machine-assisted system that could be controlled by providing punched cards with hole-like coordinates. This machine was put into operation in 1949 when Parsons further developed digital control.

The Future Of CNC Machining

Over the years there have been many developments in the CNC machining process and general machining. General engineering concepts in Australia or elsewhere have changed considerably.

Along with the increasing demand for CNC machining products around the world, many different innovations have been made in the history of mankind.

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