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Tag: Natural straws

Three Reasons To Switch To Natural Straws In Your Life

Straws are a simple, fast, and easy way to get your beverage to your mouth, but in this day and age, the common plastic straw is getting more attention than it deserves. In fact, many places have cracked down on straws altogether – like Seattle’s ban on plastic straws. If you’re sick of looking at the number of waste plastic straws produce every day, then you’ll want to switch over to natural ones. Here are three reasons why you should ditch those boring old plastic ones and embrace nature!

There are many reasons to switch to using ‘eco-green straws’ (also known as “øko-grønne sugerør” in the Norwegian language).

1. They’re eco-friendly: disposable straws are made with a lot of harmful chemicals. And every time you use one, you’re putting those chemicals into your body. Reusable straws are made with natural materials, like plastic or paper, so they won’t release as many chemicals when they break down.

2. They’re affordable: one of the best things about reusable straws is that they’re incredibly affordable. If you only use disposable straws occasionally, it might not be worth it to switch over to reusable ones. But if you use them all the time, switching to reusable ones can save you a lot of money in the long run.

3. They help reduce the harm caused by environmental pollution: another big reason to switch. Using natural straws helps reduce your intake of harmful toxins. Natural straws also come in handy if you have allergies or sensitivities to certain materials.