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Different Types Of Veterinarians In Fayetteville NC

Many people know that they would love to be a veterinarian, but some are unaware of the variety of animal species they can interact with. A veterinarian is not limited to caring for pets; You can work with smaller or even larger animals. Sometimes they work with animals that cannot be kept as pets. 

There are approximately six types of vets in Fayetteville NC: small animal practitioners, exotic veterinarians, large veterinarians, wildlife veterinarians, specialty veterinarians, and research veterinarians.

  • Small animal practitioners are the most common; These professionals work with pets and small mammals. While some focus specifically on cats and dogs, others expand the range to include rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets.

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  • Exotic veterinarians usually treat animals that are not ordinary pets, such as cats and dogs. The animals these professionals work with include reptiles, hedgehogs, birds, prairie dogs, and chinchillas.

  • Large veterinarians are often found on farms or other areas where livestock is the main population. While all veterinarians should exercise caution when working with animals, caring for larger animals can be very dangerous.

Specialist veterinarians still work with animals, but in a more focused area. A research veterinarian will work in a laboratory where they study pathology, biomedical research, and microbiology, among other subjects. These people are responsible for researching animal health issues such as West Nile Virus and Mad Cow Disease. The most common jobs for these individuals are in government agencies.