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What Are Solar Panels?

The sun is the primary source of energy on Earth and sunlight can be converted directly into electricity using solar panels. Electricity has become indispensable in life. It powers the machines that most of us use daily.

A solar panel in the UK is usually manufactured from six (6) components namely the PV cell which generates the electricity, the glass which covers and protects the solar cells, the frame which provides rigidity, the backsheet where the solar cells are laid, the junction box where the wirings are enclosed and connected, and the encapsulant which serves as adhesives.

The materials needed on how to make a solar panel must be available for purchase locally or online and should not exceed the cost of a brand new solar panel or does not take a long time to build. The glass protects the solar cells while allowing optimal sunlight to pass through. 

These are usually made of anti-reflective materials. Tempered glass is the choice of material nowadays even for unknown and new manufacturers although there are still those who utilize flat plate glass on their solar panels. Tempered glass is created by chemical or thermal means and is many times stronger than plate glass making it more expensive to produce but the price of manufacturing them today is reasonable and cost-effective. 

Flat plate glass creates sharp and long shards when broken as opposed to tempered glass which shatters safely in small pieces upon impact, that is why they also call it safety glass. It should be noted here that most amorphous solar panels use flat plate glass because of the way the panel is constructed.

Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

Installing solar panels yourself is one way to reduce overall costs. However, there is a risk of taking a do it yourself approach when installing solar panels.

Here are three things to consider before you hit the home improvement route.

First, by installing your own solar panels, you can void the manufacturer's warranty on the product. Review the rules carefully and try to always opt for the professional solar panel fitting for the solar panel installation.

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Second, poorly installed panels can negatively impact the structural integrity of your property. You'll need to drill holes in the roof, which is not usually considered a natural home improvement.

Third, remember that working at heights is one of the most common chances of a major accident. You may feel comfortable with a saw or hammer near the ground, but you can quickly get into real trouble on a windy roof.

For most of us, using a quality solar panel installer is the right choice. A qualified professional will ensure that your product is installed according to the manufacturer's instructions so that it functions effectively and you don't lose warranty coverage.

However, finding the right installer can become a lottery: Do you know anyone who has installed solar panels? Would you recommend your installer? Are there any problems with the installation  this can also help you refine the criteria.