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How Do Swimming Pool Solar Covers Really Work?

If you are considering the purchase of a swimming pool heating system and have done any research online, you have probably come across advertisements and information about swimming pool solar covers. 

What is a solar cover?

A solar cover also referred to as a solar blanket, is a large sheet of plastic that looks like bubble wrap and lies on top of your swimming pool. You have many options when purchasing a solar cover, as many colors, thicknesses, and sizes are available.

How does a solar cover work?

75% of a swimming pool's heat loss is due to evaporation. A solar cover minimizes heat loss from evaporation by acting as a barrier between swimming pool water and the air. Specifically, you can reduce your swimming pool heating costs by up to 70% by using a pool cover roller via

How do I shape a solar cover?

Match the dimensions of your solar cover with the widest and longest points of your swimming pool. Lay the solar cover onto the surface of the swimming pool and simply trim the edges of it with a pair of scissors to match the shape of your swimming pool.

How much does a solar cover cost?

As with any product, the prices of solar covers vary greatly. The price of a solar cover depends on the size of the swimming pool and the thickness color of the solar cover. Most solar covers are available for between $50 and $300.


Solar Pool Covers – Helping You Decide On The Right One

A solar pool cover's primary function is to heat water and prevent water from evaporating when the pool isn't being used. 

The price range, preference, and size of your pool will all play a role in choosing the best solar pool cover. You can also check the affordable solar pool covers at

Consider the following to decide which pool cover is right for you

  1. You can measure your pool precisely to determine the size of the cover you need. A cover that is too small will not work as well. Although it's less trouble if you get a cover that's too big, it can still be a hassle. 

  2. The cover will need to be cut to fit your pool. Although this isn't a difficult task, it might be enough to make you return to the store to find the right size. Size is very important. Keep this in mind.

  3. Your pool cover should be a light shade. While blues and other darker colors might look better on your pool, clear covers are far superior. Clear covers let the sun's rays penetrate the pool. Black is the worst option. Although black covers can quickly heat up, it's the pool cover that gets hotter. The sun's rays don't reach the water as well as clear covers.

  4. Make sure to choose a cover with air bubbles. The bubbles allow for the separation of material and water. This allows sunlight to penetrate more easily.

  5. Your cover should be made from UV-stabilized reinforced polyester ethylene. This type of plastic is much more durable and lasts longer. If left out in the sun for too long, solar covers without this feature can deteriorate much faster.

Solar Pool Covers – Are They Worth It?

A solar pool cover, also known as a solar blanket, absorbs sunlight and thus transfers heat to the pool water.

The solar pool cover is blue and has air pockets for most absorption of sunlight. If you get at least five hours of sunlight in your pool a day, you will benefit from your solar pool cover. You can also look for the best swimming pool solar covers through various online sources.

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In fact, your water heats up to 1 ° per day! Another reason that solar pool covers are so effective is that they help retain heat in the pool water even at night when it's cold. 

And not only traps heat but also prevents chemical evaporation in the pool. If you use a pool heater, you can lower your bill in half with a solar pool cover.

It all sounds so amazing. Why doesn't each pool owner have a solar pool cover? The honest answer is that many pool owners don't want to trudge out to the pool and crank the solar cover on and off every day.  

People want to enjoy their pool and not add it to their to-do list. Maintaining the cleanliness of the pool is adequate maintenance for most pool owners. 

So if they don't have a sunroof, then covering the extra costs is an acceptable compromise. However, in these economic times, it seems increasingly tempting to save on pool heating costs.

The solar pool cover makes the job a lot easier, and you can even get an automatic cover that attaches to your water hose, which makes the work very minimal.