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Solar Pool Covers – Are They Worth It?

A solar pool cover, also known as a solar blanket, absorbs sunlight and thus transfers heat to the pool water.

The solar pool cover is blue and has air pockets for most absorption of sunlight. If you get at least five hours of sunlight in your pool a day, you will benefit from your solar pool cover. You can also look for the best swimming pool solar covers through various online sources.

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In fact, your water heats up to 1 ° per day! Another reason that solar pool covers are so effective is that they help retain heat in the pool water even at night when it's cold. 

And not only traps heat but also prevents chemical evaporation in the pool. If you use a pool heater, you can lower your bill in half with a solar pool cover.

It all sounds so amazing. Why doesn't each pool owner have a solar pool cover? The honest answer is that many pool owners don't want to trudge out to the pool and crank the solar cover on and off every day.  

People want to enjoy their pool and not add it to their to-do list. Maintaining the cleanliness of the pool is adequate maintenance for most pool owners. 

So if they don't have a sunroof, then covering the extra costs is an acceptable compromise. However, in these economic times, it seems increasingly tempting to save on pool heating costs.

The solar pool cover makes the job a lot easier, and you can even get an automatic cover that attaches to your water hose, which makes the work very minimal.