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What You Know About Rope Cut Salts Flavor?

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Vapeur Express is a new e-liquid flavor that was created by the company for a special occasion. The flavor is meant to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary. The flavor is called Vapeur Express and it is a mix of raspberry and blackberry. The company did not give too many details about the flavor until Vapeur Express was officially released. 

In fact, they only told a handful of people that it was going to be released. The company told a few employees and some close friends. There is no information on what inspired the flavor as of right now but I am sure that there is a certain story that would make this one of the best vape juices ever made. If you want to buy rope cut salts flavor, you can visit


This type of juice is very rare so it will be interesting to see if the new flavor lives up to expectations or if it misses the mark. I personally love raspberry flavors so I am hoping for an amazing taste experience with this one.

The packaging for Vapeur Express has one bottle in each color and the bottle is one that is very durable. The company even has a special deal for people who purchase three of the same flavor and save money on shipping, which is great since most vaping companies don’t offer something like that. 

They feel that this could be a popular option with parents who are ordering their kids their own vape juice to make sure they do not get into trouble while they are playing around with these things.