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Tag: Vehicle testing Dubai

Pre Purchase Inspection Facility Provides Greater Protection For Dubai Buyers

Dubai's Pre Purchase Inspection Facility provides greater protection to buyers. Dubai has had a history of buying cars that are not as advertised, which can lead to major problems such as engine fires and power steering failures. 

The new facility should put an end to the risk of purchasing these cars. In addition to the pre-purchase inspection facility, Dubai is also taking steps to provide greater protection from unscrupulous car dealers. The recently introduced "Good Deal" Bill will allow purchasers of expensive cars to take them for a test drive first before signing the purchase contract. The buyer must be present throughout the test drive and the car must not have been previously owned by another person.

The Driver Assistance Package will protect drivers against those who sell cars with hidden defects or dangerous equipment. This package allows buyers to check if a car has had an accident or has any faults before they make a purchase decision. If a driver notices any problems they can report them straight away instead of waiting until after they own their vehicle.

These new measures are in addition to the already existing Motor Vehicle Insurance, which covers up to €20 million for all types of accidents. The current rules are specifically designed to prevent copycat scams from taking place and spreading as far as possible across the EU. Drivers who wish to purchase a second-hand vehicle will also need to ensure they have an adequate third-party insurance policy or face the consequences of being unable to sell their vehicle due to having no cover.