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The History of Organic Essential Oils

The ancient Egyptians believed that a body rubbed with cedarwood essential oil would last forever. They would also burn wood like incense as a donation to the gods. 

The Egyptians also used essential oils in baths and massages to increase skin elasticity. This is necessary because of the hot and dry climate. Your skin will become dry and wrinkled without using organic vital oils.

The Greeks and Romans were the first to use essential oils outside of religious activities. They use essential oils to scent their bodies. The Crusaders brought a lot of herbs and oil back to their homeland from various holy sites.

The Romans used essential oils liberally. They smell good mainly because they shower only once a week. It is even said that the Romans perfumed the sails of their ships!

In the Middle Ages, we know that the plague spread to Europe. Doctors and herbalists have used rosemary, sage, mint, orange, and cloves to prevent and heal these ulcers. They often burn incense in the streets in hopes of preventing the spread of the plague. 

It is often said that those who have worked with essential oils have never been infected with the plague. So you see, the use of essential oils has been around since time immemorial. I just wish we didn't do herbal treatments.