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The Ideal Dry Cat Food for Your Feline Friend

Cats like any other animals are prone to dietary-related ailments such as diabetes, urinary crystal, and chronic renal failure all of which can be avoided through proper diet administration. Cats are carnivores and require a large percentage of their diet to be composed of meat protein. 

Dry cat food is often preferred over meat because it is readily available and it is low in cost. Dry pet food rich in animal protein, minerals, vitamins, and salts is an ideal choice because these nutrients are vital for your cat's development. You can also navigate to to buy cat dry food online.

In the case of younger cats, it is best to go for dry food specially made for kittens. Look out for dry meal products which are essentially composed of ingredients rich in protein and calcium, which are needed for proper bone development. 

The products should also contain vitamins that are required for healthy growth. This presents a complete meal to your pet, designed to meet a cat's dietary requirements.

Fresh clean water should always accompany dry foods to avoid dehydration; statistics have shown that protein meat contains as much as 70% water content while dry foods contain 10% water content or less. To compensate for this difference, always ensure that your cat gets adequate drinking water.