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Tips For Fireplace And Chimney Safety In Milwaukee

The cause of approximately 80% of fire deaths in Milwaukee can be attributed directly to household fires. A wood fireplace is one of the main sources of fire in residential areas.

A fireplace or chimney that is clogged can often cause fires. If hatches are not closed, sparks are igniting objects in it, logs fall from the fireplace or improper items are being burned in the fire, these are all common causes. It is a good option to hire professional chimney safety cap installation services in Milwaukee.

You can also hire services of chimney safety caps in Milwaukee at These are some safety tips for fireplaces that you should be aware of:

  • To ensure that your fireplace and chimney are functioning properly, you should clean them at least once per year.

  • If necessary, repair or inspect the fireplace's outer structure.

  • Protect the chimney area with a cover

  • Repair any cracks or loose stones on the inside of your fireplace.

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There are steps you can take to maintain your fireplace and chimney in top condition. If you don't feel like cleaning your fireplace and chimney, you can hire a chimney sweep who is certified and reliable.

A fireplace's first warning sign is usually a rumbling sound. This sound increases with the fire. You will then see black smoke rising from the chimney and sparks radiating above.

If there is a strong chimney fire, the fire can reach several meters high. You should immediately contact the fire department to extinguish any fires in the chimney.