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Using a Vibration Platform For Exercise

Vibration platforms are exercise machinery that offer a vibration-based physical massage to the body. After years of being confined to the house with little opportunity for regular physical activity, many individuals today want to shed the excess weight that they gained even after months of being confined at home. Now, more people utilize a vibration platform to help them lose unwanted weight. The vibration platform or vibrating plate as it is often called, offers a safe and effective way to work off excess weight and improve posture, especially when used by professional therapists. They are becoming increasingly popular among the general public who seek easy and effective ways to improve their health and fitness.

The vibrating platform is a great choice if you are considering using a vibration machine because it's a low-impact alternative to other methods of working off excess pounds. A vibration platform offers many benefits over traditional exercise equipment such as the rowing machine, treadmill, elliptical trainer, stair stepper, and the exercise bike. It is a low-impact alternative to working out on a heavy piece of equipment that can be very stressful and potentially damaging to your joints. One of the most unique features of the vibration platform is the ability to set the intensity or the rate of vibration per minute. You set the level at which the machine will perform to the extent that you are comfortable with. Setting the level to maximum speed means that you are stimulating all muscles at once, thereby helping to tone the upper body.

When you are exercising with a vibration platform, the unit is powered by either a single or multiple motor. The motors will operate on alternate impulses, allowing the weights to be alternated between equally spaced frequency settings. Some of the motors will be powered by the vibration itself, while others are capable of running without a motor at all, relying solely on the direct current from the remote control.

With some models of vibration machines, a weight can be lifted above the starting point. This is referred to as the full-body vibration platform. Most machines offer a starting point on the bottom of the machine where a weight can be lifted and held for a pre-determined amount of time before being raised to the upper portion of the frame. This allows people to focus more on the core abdominal muscles rather than trying to work the legs or biceps first.

The full body vibration platform machines also offer preset programs that can be accessed through a remote control. These preset programs can be adjusted depending on the user's needs. For instance, some machines offer pre-determined programs to help the user to lose or maintain weight, while others provide more detailed resistance setting choices. Vibration platforms can also be programmed to provide an equal amount of cardio and weights, meaning that the user can vary the intensity of the workouts on one hand while maintaining a stable heart rate on the other.

The vibration plate exercise machine offers many advantages over other home training machines. For one thing, it works the whole body. Many people don't think of a vibration machine as being able to work their entire body because of its similarity to the swinging-dance exercise that people have done since they were children. However, it is actually very effective for both weight loss and toning. Some models offer two different programs, allowing the exerciser to alternate between a low-intensity cardio routine and a high-intensity strength routine.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that exercising with a vibration plate exercise machine resulted in significantly increased muscle energy, reduced body fat, and a significant increase in total perceived exertion from a resting state. The researchers found that the increase in muscle and body fat tissue was due not only to the elevated metabolic rate but to the increase in ligament strength that come with vigorous weight training. The authors of this study did not indicate how long the subjects exercised on the platform, but based on previous research and the subjects own responses they suggested that it took between 15 minutes and three hours to see these results. The amount of weight lost during the study was not reported.

Vibration Platforms is also much more convenient than having to go to a gym or fitness club. They are much less expensive and much less time consuming than having to schedule and pay for gym memberships. Also, because the vibration machine is battery operated it is much easier to store in your home. The use of the vibrator results in a rhythmic vibration that helps to tone, strengthen and flex specific muscles throughout the body. By using the vibration platform to exercise and increase muscle strength you are able to maximize the benefits of your workout while saving money and time.